is Buzzable ?

What is Buzzable ?

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When I launch this website, in 2014, Buzzable is a brand new innovation boutique. But I coined the term ‘buzzable’ in 2005*. I had just started Buzzer as a word of mouth marketing platform and we needed a new vocabulary to discuss the potential of word of mouth for our prospective clients. Many brands were slightly nervous about their products: would they be special enough to generate sufficient (positive) buzz ?


There is a great story about the product that made Apple buzzable (again): the iPod.  Legend says that the real reason this product became the talk of the town is the white earbuds, not the interface or all the rest of it. At the time there was one colour: black. The smart thing is that Apple made the one thing that is actually visible stick out, triggering immediate interest and conversation.

The typical opening sentence we got was: “We don’t have an iPod (yes, it’s a long time ago ; ) but just a very run of the mill insurance/drink/electronic device. Will people talk about it ?”. To discuss the extent to which people would be inclined to talk about something, I introduced the concept of ‘buzzability’.

The term took off. Within months, marketers were calling us and pitched their first burning question: “Do you think this is buzzable ?”. We loved it, they were using our vocabulary ! In other places, other words were being introduced to describe the same phenomenon. At Womma for instance, they used talkable . But ‘talkable’ doesn’t roll of your tongue as nicely as ‘buzzable’.

So what is this website and the Buzzable Blog ? It’s a personal dream that has been slow in the making. At Buzzer, we were and are still bringing new products and services to thousands of our Buzzers and helping them spread the word to millions. But there are obviously other ways to help brands, products, filosophies and even behaviour become more buzzable. At Buzzable, I will be applying the same philosophy with more freedom. I will help make things more buzzable. And I will share my thinking and that of others about it.

But Why ? Why am I so passionate about this ? Why did I get such a twisted brain that I will look at anything and even anybody while at the same time thinking: How could you make this more special, remarkable, inspiring ? I thought about that a little. Not too much because not everything is to be dissected, analysed. I guess the simple idea is that something which is more special created emotions. And as Bert Ohnemuller recently said during a (truly buzzable) event I helped organize: “Everything which is not emotional is not relevant for the brain”.

In other words, only emotions will stir the brain. And I like to stir the brain. So. Although you will find a lot of marketing, positioning, concept-related stuff at Buzzable, I will sneak in a few of my private ‘buzzability’ fetishes such as buzzable houses, interiors and buzzable behaviour.



*Obviously, I do not know for certain whether I invented the term. I am pretty sure I have used the word the most ; )

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